How will laptops help the children of Lesotho?

Laptops will benefit the children of Lesotho by giving them a way to communicate with people around the world and allowing them to see beyond their village. The laptops will also provide them with software tools to help them think critically and solve problems in their community. They will also be a great resource for the school to implement into their lessons. In the following short YouTube videos, two students explain how XO laptops are helping them in their goals of becoming a nurse and a teacher.

Why Lesotho?

We chose to distribute these laptops in Lesotho because we're passionate about the people of Lesotho. The people of Lesotho face many obstacles. They're struggling to overcome one of the highest rates of HIV infection in Africa, and most people make barely enough to survive. These laptops will help the children further their education and improve their future.

You've already delivered laptops to the school - what's next?

We will continue working closely with the teachers. We want to help them maintain and advance their computer skills and to help them develop lessons and classroom materials using the laptops. We are coordinating with Kokobe Primary School to build a new classroom building to serve as a computer classroom and library as well as secure storage for the laptops and tablets. We are also transitioning Kokobe Primary School to Kindle Fire tablets and creating a database of lessons, books, and resources to be stored on an offline server at the school.

How much does it cost to provide a laptop?

We are currently transitioning from XO laptops to Kindle Fire kids tablets. The tablets are easier for the students to use and well suited to our goals. It costs $130 to purchase a tablet.

Is Laptops to Lesotho a nonprofit organization?

Yes, we're registered as a nonprofit organization with the Idaho Secretary of State. If you're interested, you can view our articles of incorporationby-laws, and our conflict of interest policy by following the links. We're also registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which means all donations are tax deductible. You can view our IRS Form 1023 and attachments, as well as our Letter of Determination from the IRS, by following the links.

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