2019 - 2020

Planning for New Hardware, Software, and Classroom Construction

Details coming soon ... At Kokobe - Plans to deploy Kindle Fire Freetime tablets with an offline server in 2020. Plans for construction of a new classroom with a solar-powered electrical system for charging tablets and lighting the room, where lessons using tablets/laptops can be held and a physical library will be housed. Continuing creation and collection of customized, interactive lessons to supplement the curriculum.

2014 - 2018

During this time, we focused on supporting the existing program at Kokobe Primary school, with ongoing training for teachers and students in 2013, 2015, and 2017. We also worked on creation of customized, interactive lessons for math and English. These lessons were created using the educational program "Scratch." With these lessons, students work alone or in pairs at their own pace. A score is displayed in the corner of the screen, allowing the teacher to walk around the room and determine which students are doing well and are ready to move on to a more advanced lesson, and which students are struggling and need extra help and attention, possibly reviewing previous lessons again. The interactive nature of these lessons, with instant feedback on whether they got the answer correct or not, positive reinforcement when the answer is correct and encouragement when it is wrong, and the visible score, allows the students to more quickly grasp concepts and move ahead than in their standard classroom.

2013 Laptop Development

Information about our 2013 trip to Lesotho and expansion to Kokobe Primary coming soon

2011 Laptop Development

Janissa traveled to Lesotho from November to December. She put in extra wiring to charge up to 40 laptops at a time and discovered that the current solar system was not operating to full potential due to shade from a nearby tree. Janissa also upgraded all 86 xo laptops at Nohana and added some software, including a math program that kids and teachers love. It turned out that the laptops were not being used very often, so Matlabe will start keeping a log of computer use and scheduling computer times for each class. Even so, students were taking them home regularly and showing their families how to use them. When Janissa arrived, Matlabe had already chosen a school and begun laying the groundwork for expansion. Janissa went with several teachers to visit the school - Kokobe primary. She took two xo laptops and individual solar panels with her and everyone at Kokobe was very excited about the project.

For more details about this trip to Lesotho, read our 2011 Annual Report.

2010 Laptop Development

In December, Janissa and her brother Craig traveled to Lesotho to deliver 48 XO laptops to Nohana School. A small basement room at the school was converted to the generator and power system facility. Janissa and Craig helped set up the generator, install outlets, and set up a charging area in the office.

Six team members spent a day learning about the XO laptops at Kliptown Youth Project and observed the laptops in use at a nearby school. At Nohana Primary School, all eight teachers and both headmasters were extremely eager to learn the laptops. After the training, most of the teachers were able to explore and learn new programs on their own. During the last few days, each teacher created their own lesson plan and taught a class using the computers. Many teachers used the laptops to enhance lesson content, not just to teach computer skills.

For even more details about our trip to Lesotho, read our trip report.

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